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For such an important date, we offer an extensive menu, catering to the most diverse tastes, and various service sets, being able to personalize each wedding party, getting to know the couple and their affective memories, and meeting to their expectations.

Our set up presentation is undoubtedly a differential, we have a vast collection with an exclusive collection of pieces which follow the party’s decoration and make the event even more special.



We are ready to attend corporate events of any demand, and bring high gastronomy and the necessary structure for the success of your event. Our buffet is more concerned with the logistics and dynamics of corporate events, so that it always happens in a fluid and organic way.

Business meetings


The menu we most like to prepare!

Not only for the simplicity, but also for the receptivity of the guests. Children's party food is emotional and comes with good memories. In our kitchen we reinvented some classic food to satisfy demanding tastes. We seek to make a mix of sophisticated items, but we always include classic foods.

Children's parties 


Cocktails or lunches with a thematic touch, strolling through items of the "botequim's" food, "nordestina", italiana, portuguese or thai food can be the great highlight that will surprise your guests.

Themed parties

9343-fotos tela-2.jpg

For the Debut we set up a special menu and an innovative structure with a “Fast Food Bar”, a special snack station with several items assembled on the spot by our chefs.

To please adults, we bring a selection of our classic amuse bouche and items from our cuisine.

15th bithday party

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